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Making life memorable with H & H

I was sitting here reminiscing with a friend about all the things we have been through in just a short amount of time. When we started the shop in July 2007 my youngest daughter was just 10 months old and our middle kids were only 3. Now they are 10 and 13 respectively. It is so hard to think that we are here now. They don't remember a time we didn't have this store. So many customers we've done embroidery for. So many brides that we have shared their day with. So many girls that came for prom. Just so many memories! This is November and in just a few short months it will be our 10th anniversary. We are remodeling inside the store and preparing for a special day for our customers. Every week I will share a story.

My Katie was a flower girl just shortly after we started the store. She was only 4. This was for my Brother in law and Sister in Law's wedding. She was so happy to be in the wedding and started shopping just after she found out she would be a Flower Girl. It was such an important job to her. I remember her finding "the dress" in our books and saying mom please order it. It will be perfect! It was perfect. She is so big now....time is passing so quickly.

We love having this shop. So many of our girls are just the same as my sweet girl. We tend to get attached to our girls. You are more than a number to us, you are family, neighbors, or daughters to us. We love each an every one of you that have blessed our business. Thank you for every special memory that you have entrusted us with. It is such a blessing to serve our community.

Well it is back to work. Talk to you next Friday.


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